Milford Sound Lodge Utilities Trench

A trench will be completed from the Cleddau Residential Area to Milford Sound Lodge to enable electrical, gas, water and waste water connections and well as additional Telecom lines. The major benefits arising from this work will be the removal of diesel generation from the Lodge and cessation of septic tank discharge into the Cleddau River. All waste water will go into to the MDA Milford Treatment Plant.


Turbidity management

A control scheme will be installed to shut off the water intake from the hydro penstock when sediment levels reach a pre-set threshold. This will mitigate the high sediment content water from entering the main storage tanks and discolouring customers’ water.


LPG Facility

MSI will progress the establishment of a LPG facility at Milford with view to offering reticulated gas and a bottle filling facility. The Concession has been lodged with Department of Conservation.