Diesel Generation

A new Cummins 480KW diesel genset has been purchased to improve the reliability of the electricity supply at Milford. The main GM standby genset is in need of major refurbishment work and will be used sparingly over the next few months until the new unit can be installed in the Diesel Powerhouse. Recently the GM genset experienced a prolonged outage when a cooling line burst at the same time that our maintenance staff were cleaning debris out of the hydro intake. MSI sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused to several of our customers.

Once installed the new generator will be able to be synchronised with the hydro generation and thus we will have approximately 900KW of capacity available which will be more than enough to cope with peak power requirements for the foreseeable future. The two small obsolete Lister gensets that were housed in the Diesel Powerhouse have been disposed of to make room for the new unit.